The Group

ENMAN Services Ltd is the Group’s engineering arm, offering design, implementation, technical support and training services. ENMAN's primary markets are the power industry and oil/gas/petrochemicals.

GAMMA Components and Systems Ltd is the marketing arm. GAMMA has agency agreements with several well known brands including Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc., Tri-Sen Inc and NOJA Power. GAMMA supplies a wide variety of products for the power, process and industrial markets.

CARIN Television Ltdpromotes healthier lifestyles through presentation of health related information on televisions at the waiting areas of major health facilities. CarinTV also offers Digital Signage and Public Video based systems including Electronic Billboards.

Modern Learning Technologiesgroups our business in teaching and learning systems including Interactive White Boards and Student Response Systems.

ENMAN Technology Applications Ltd (ETAL), has been studying the ICT opportunities in the Caribbean since the start of 2000. This has led to the successful startup of a Call Centre in Grenada and other ICT ventures including CARIN (Caribbean Information) Television.

MAINMAN Services Ltdoffers specialist services in Commercial Diving, Corrosion Control and Plant Maintenance.

First Forum International Ltd is a Conferencing and Training company that takes advantage of Trinidad & Tobago’s unique geographical and economic situation to offer specialised, targeted courses to regional participants.

The Guyana Hydropower Project includes a 800MW Hydroelectric Power plant on the Mazaruni River in Guyana, with an associated Industrial Park and Port, an aluminium Smelter and and undersea power cable linking Guyana to Trinidad & Tobago.

The Southern Caribbean Cable Company (SC3) is developing and promoting a power interconnection among Trinidad & Tobago-Guyana-Suriname to integrate the power systems and economies of these CARICOM countries and lead to wider integration, a necessity for the region.

The Global Friendship Forum is an NGO supported by the Group to promoted sustainability at the community level by linking like minded persons in remote geographical areas.

Our partner company, Inspection Services Company Ltd performs Electrical and Mechanical Consultancy services, Inspections, Certification of operators of heavy equipment, Surveys and Training.