Work Experience Examples

Project Development

Guyana Hydropower Project

Caribbean Power Cable

Caribbean Port and Industrial Park

Ocean Call - Call Centre in Grenada

The CyberCentre - Internet Cafe and IT Resource facility


Analysis of Oil producing potential of Exploration block in Guyana

Civil Engineering and Preliminary design for Plinths & Pipe supports to correct sinking of Piping at methanol plant

HV Electrical Refurbishment. Responsible for selection of Equipment & Supervision of installation.

Plant Data Modeling Exercise - All data sources from Plant floor to Board room of power company

Condition Assessment of 33 KV Switchboard, Cables and other HV Electrical equipment. With ERA Technology of UK

Inspection of Buildings, Utilities and Perimeter fencing for 400+ schools

Protection Coordination Study for major new electrical Sub Station


P&ID and Mechanical As-Built documentation in AutoCAD for Offshore Platform 

Engineering, QA/QC Services and AutoCAD Draughting for E&I and Mechanical Construction works for Refinery Upgrade

Engineering for Airport Taxiway Edge Lighting Control System re-design

Field Engineering for Refinery Upgrade. Piping work look-aheads, material takeoffs and progress measurement at three refinery units

Design and implementation of modifications to building, plant electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems to accommodate new factory product line

Design, Specification, Selection and Implementation of Tunnel Kiln Instrumentation Upgrade (PLC based)

Provision of Engineering, QA/QC Technician and E&I construction management services for Ammonia Plant Construction

Electrical/Instrumentation/Fibre Optics

Upgrade of 200,000 electricity meters to Automatic Metering

Supply and Installation of Aerial Fibre Optic Communications Cables - several hundred km

Supply of Pulsar Technologies Fibre Optic Multiplexers and Garretcom Optical Stars/Repeaters for several electrical substations

Supply of Dymec Optical Star/Repeaters Equipment to power company 

Wire Audit and replacement of Redundant Field Device Wiring for gas turbine Control System 

Supply and Installation of Electrical works for Government Secondary School construction

Instrumentation construction for refinery new Hydrogen Plant

Upgrade of several mechanical governors to Tri-Sen Electronic Controllers

Supply of Low Voltage Conductors, High Voltage conductors and pole/line hardware to Caribbean power utilities

Inspection and repairs of High Voltage Poles and Towers

SCADA/DCS/PLC/Automation/Energy Management

Provision of consultancy services for the design, purchase and installation of oil and gas SCADA system

Supply of SCADA system and Design Engineering support, and Installation of SCADA (Instruments, RTUs, Solar panels) system for gas distribution company 

Design, Configuration, Factory and Site Acceptance Tests, and Installation of Onshore Control System

DCS/PLC Configuration, Factory & Site Acceptance Tests, Commissioning for five refinery units

Supply of SCADA system for monitoring and control of power utility Transmission and Distribution system for two Caribbean power utilities

Design of large Building Energy Management, Access Control and Fire Protection system


Supply of diving support personnel at Gulf of Mexico to restore platforms after Hurricane Katrina

Supply of diving personnel & equipment to support the removal/replacement 8’’ suction line at water reservoir

Cutting and removal of underwater sheet piles at Mahaicony, Guyana

De-silting of nine acres of water settlement ponds at Water Treatment Plant

QA/QC Services for installation of 26” pipeline

Cleaning 768 Piles at refinery port

Spent Catalyst and Non Ferrous metals Reclamation

Packaging and Shipment of spent catalyst and non ferrous metals for recycling and reclamation at all Ammonia, Methanol, and Iron & Steel plants 2005 - Present

Conferences and Training

Carbon Trading 

Infrastructure Financing 

Managing the Contractual Arrangements under a Typical EPC contract

Electrical System Protection Technology - Guyana and Trinidad

Earthing, Grounding, Bonding  & Lightning Protection

Engineering Management Certification

21 Century Classrooms

Installation of Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, Student Response Systems, Teaching Software at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions. 

Smart Pens and associated hardware and software

Advertising Solutions

Design and deployment of Digital Signage systems at 50 Medical Centres 

Sale of advertising/sponsorship opportunities at major Medical Centres in Trinidad

Production of Video content and Advertisements

Installation of large electronic billboards for outdoor advertising

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