Carbon Zero Initiative of Trinidad & Tobago

The Carbon Zero Initiative of Trinidad and Tobago (CZITT, pronounced as Seize it!)

  • A non profit organisation
  • Dedicated to the singular purpose of Trinidad & Tobago becoming a Carbon Neutral country
  • Through research, promotions, engagement with stakeholders, development of projects, support for initiatives and advocacy


Trinidad & Tobago is a Carbon Neutral country and a leader in sustainable practices


  1. To create awareness of need for energy efficiency, carbon reduction and waste reduction
  2. To advocate for national policies and programmes for energy efficiency, carbon reduction and waste reduction
  3. To study, promote and support best practices in energy efficiency, carbon reduction and waste reduction
  4. To develop and support projects in energy efficiency, carbon reduction and waste reduction

Focus areas

  1. Research
  2. Advocacy
  3. Public Affairs
  4. Programme development
  5. Networking and collaboration
  6. Energy Management systems
  7. Events


  1. Inventory of carbon emissions
  2. Best practice in CO2 reductions
  3. Public awareness campaign
  4. Recognition for initiatives that contribute to carbon reduction


  1. Project Zero: School Carbon Neutral Initiative
  2. Workshop on reducing carbon footprint
  3. Waste to energy project development
  4. Engineered wetlands for cleanup of polluted water systems
  5. Utility scale renewable energy development


Carbon neutral, also called carbon neutrality is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put into it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Becoming carbon neutral involves three basic steps:

  • CALCULATE carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases from activities
  • REDUCE emissions wherever possible through increased efficiencies and use/purchase of renewable energy
  • BALANCE the remainder by purchasing carbon offsets

Several countries have pledged carbon neutrality, including:

      British Columbia (Canadian province)

      Costa Rica.



      New Zealand.




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