Bite Back! A war against the Zika Virus

BITE BACK! is a programme of support in the fight against the Zika and other mosquito born diseases. 

The support comes from a growing multi stakeholder network from the private, academic, media, ICT and CBO/NGO sectors. The group is answering the call  for greater participation on all fronts and offer to work with and support the efforts of official agencies in the region. 

Utilising first world technologies, developed with our international partners, we have devised a holistic programme of public awareness, networking, information capture, evaluation, dissemination and knowledge-based action to wage a war against mosquitos.  

  • Media - TV, Radio, Outdoor Electronic Billboards, Indoor TV systems, websites, outreach programme. Utilises messages from the public domain and from official agencies
  • Data capture - crowd-sourcing of geospatial data on mosquito breeding grounds and other relevant data using a specially designed Mobile App which is being made available as a free download
  • Data availability - for all official agencies, collated according to their needs e.g. Ministry, Local Government, Emergency Responders, Academic
  • Responses - support for community level activities including focussed information dissemination of information on actions necessary to combat the spread of the virus and community cleanup activities 

The App targets the half a million smart phone users in Trinidad & Tobago and many more in the region, who  constitute a great resource and who, as everyone, have a vested interest in joining the fight against Zika. It is just a click away, at everyone’s fingertips!

Our Knowledge Driven Solution: Bite Back!

The campaign includes:

  • Real time technology with management console for information generation, processing and evaluation for use by various response-based users such as officials, researchers, planners, emergency response teams, scientists and epidemiologists, insect vector control and health officials and others to not only plan, but also to evaluate and effect ongoing monitoring of actions and responses to the threat. 
  • Training and sensitisation on many uses of the App and its outputs to relevant agencies, agents and individuals both from front end information capture to back end responses aligned to the needs of various  user communities 
  • Public awareness campaign through live public broadcast, social media and other dynamic and static channels, newsflashes, updates and bulletins when necessary  
  • Authorised persons can access information to plan routine, emergency and other responses
  • Reported incidents can be manually or automatically assigned to field persons who will receive notices from the App. 
  • Mobilising community action for targeting mosquito breeding sites for eradication of mosquitoes
  • Real time responsible and responsive publicising and dissemination of vital information and action to relevant agencies, individuals and authorities 
  • Involvement of corporate entities through their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and giving recognition to the corporate sponsors, other agencies in the public, academic, media and NGO sectors for their support.

Video on using the App:

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ENMAN partners with emAPPetizer for the development of mobile Apps for the educational, business and industrial markets. emAPPetizerconducts development using Agile programming methodology. Their primary programming language is HTML5 combined with hardware specific extensions. This hybrid approach to APP development results in cross platform compatibility. We support iOS, Windows 8, Android and Blackberry 10.

The 1st Incident Reporting App used for the “Not a biting chance” Campaign was developed by emAppetizer.

emAppetizer website

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